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Control Tennis Research Lab (CTRL) has developed a patent pending rubber dampener that snaps shut around two strings on a tennis racquet.  Each dampener weighs only 1G and is both moveable and secure when positioned.  Used in a system, each dampener can be re-positioned on a point-to-point basis to tune the performance characteristics of your racquet in an infinite number of ways.  

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How to Win with CTRL

The Control Dampening System was designed to give players of all levels the opportunity to play their very best tennis.  Its function was inspired by the new wave of adjustable drivers for golf, where repositioning the weight under the head can change the performance of the club.  CTRL dampeners let you control the flight and distance of your shots. CTRL is the key to winning tennis!

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Perfect Your Toss Mechanics

The new CTRL PerfecToss Toss Trainer is a regulation tennis ball with 6oz of metal shot inside that helps you experience the form and feel of a perfect toss. The weight of the ball forces your wrist and elbow to lock when the tossing hand is held, face up. It encourages the server to properly push the ball upward. If the tossing hand twists or flips, the shot inside the training ball will make a maraca noise and the toss will be short. The perfect trainer toss is silent and lands just inside the court.

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